Muslim Funeral

Muslim Funeral

Estimated cost $12000

1. Transport & Washing
William Cole Funerals
02 62533655
Estimated Costs $2350

2. Mitchell Cemetery
02 62040200
Estimated cost $9300

a. Transport -> Hospital-> Funeral Parlor->Mosjid-> Cemetery
b. Washing time 10-11:30 am and arrange by Muslim brothers/Sisters (Br Hashim:Sr Amira)
c. Janajah arrange after Dohor or Jumah prayer
d. For Canberra masjid - 0414945786
Gungahlin Masjid- 0417245989
Muhammad Waseem: +61 412 780 97 8

If any person/baby dies in hospital, body is washed in the hospital as there are facility but need to contact the mosque, body wash person and buriel place.

If it is child less than 2 years. The baby body will be buried in child area which will cost about $4000 ASD.

There is a baby coffin in Canberra masjid. Which can be collected and it can be carried behind a car no need to hire the transportation.

Baby’s under 20 weeks burial free. It’s name rose garden in Mitchel.


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140 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory 2912


Phone: +61 411 395 289

What's on The Masjid

  • Aqeeda first if only people know! - Every monday between maghrib and Isah lectured by Imam Moaaz Abu Saad.
  • Girls youth gathering - every wednesday after maghrib - precious mulimah sisters.
  • Pillars of islam - Every Wednesday afer Isha - Lectured Br Imtaiz.
  • Quran recitaion class - Every Thursday between Maghrib and Isha - Br Hatem Saad.
  • High school boys youth gathering - Every friday between maghrib and Isha. 

CMC Committees

Executive Committee

Construction Sub-Committee

IT Sub-Committee

Mosque Operations Security and Event Management

Sisters Sub-Committee

Volunteers needed! Parking management (e.g. during busy times, events) If you are interested contact EC.


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