Ramadan I'tikaf 2022

I'tikaf is a worshiping event that is arranged at Gungahlin Mosque only once a year and it lasts for upto ten days. Therefore, let everyone of us do their best to make it a nice and convenient experience for every worshiper. 

The arrangements listed below have been made in a way in order to maximize the utilization of the existing facilities with the minimum efforts to be contributed from the participants during I'tikaf. The setup of mosque's facilities is as follows:

Jummah at 12:30pm and 1:30pm

Seerah of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

By Imam Hamza

EVERY FRIDAY Between Maghrib & Isha

(Starting from 25 February 2022)

All are welcome

Stories of the prophets


By Imam and Director of Education of Gungahlin Mosque

Dr Hatem Saad

For (brothers and sisters) and (boys and girls )

Hafiz Al-Quran school announcement

We would like to cordially invite you to attend the information session of HQS at Gungahlin Mosque. The program details are as below:

Date: 13th February 2022
Day: Sunday
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
The information session will be followed by BBQ.

Jazak Allahu kheyran,

Executive Committee, CMC 2021-23 and 

Director of Education of Gungahlin Mosque

Keep your Masjeed Safe and Healthy

Considering the massive wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in ACT, the following temporary measures are introduced:    
1.    Practise good hand hygiene.
2.    Maintain physical distancing all the time including during congregational Fard prayer.
2.    Wear Face Mask while inside the mosque.
3.    Check in the CBR App before entering the mosque.
Your consistent assistance about this matter is highly appreciated.


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


Assalaamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Executive Committee (EC) of Canberra Muslim Community (CMC) Inc. need your help to run daily activities and future development of the Gungahlin Mosque. We are recruiting volunteers.

We are requesting our community to join our dynamic team to develop  an inclusive, transparent and accountable team for our beloved mosque.  

Youth sisters gathering

Salam All, 

The girls youth gathering lecture and activities will be back at the Masjid this Friday 3rd of December from 8 to 9:30 pm Insha Allah.

This week lecture is about Adaab of Relieving Oneself InshaAllah.

We will be doing indoor sports activities with lots of fun games and competitions and prizes. We will also be playing table tennis Insha Allah.

2021 CMC Election Results

Md Masud Hasan

Vice President
Shaik Mohiuddin Mohammed

SM Shahihdul Islam

Assistant Secretary
Saeed Anwar

Ehab Zaky Mohammed Elfeky

Executive Members
Akramul Hoque
Alam Kazi
Babar Khan

Md Asik Hossain (470)

ANIC Fatwa: Corona virus update



140 The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory 2912

Email: info@gungahlinmosque.org.au

Phone: +61 411 395 289

What's on The Masjid

  • Aqeeda first if only people know! - Every monday between maghrib and Isah lectured by Imam Moaaz Abu Saad.
  • Girls youth gathering - every wednesday after maghrib - precious mulimah sisters.
  • Pillars of islam - Every Wednesday afer Isha - Lectured Br Imtaiz.
  • Quran recitaion class - Every Thursday between Maghrib and Isha - Br Hatem Saad.
  • High school boys youth gathering - Every friday between maghrib and Isha. 

CMC Committees

Executive Committee

Construction Sub-Committee

IT Sub-Committee

Mosque Operations Security and Event Management

Sisters Sub-Committee

Volunteers needed! Parking management (e.g. during busy times, events) If you are interested contact EC.


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